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Keith T

Simon does all the work, what a pleasure dealling with yourself. First time I've dealt with you, Defo will be back. Realtrust#newMerc#smileonface#welldone.

Nathan H

This very unique and clever approach saves both parties a lot of time. The transaction was extremely straightforward, and the car I've got was exactly as described. I would buy with confidence again.

Geoff P

Simon is one of the rare breed of car dealers being very honest and true to his word. An absolute pleasure to do business with.

Paula B

A simple and straightforward buying experience, avoided the awkwardness of haggling as Simon is very clear about how he does business. I’ve bought a superb car at a fair price.

Tony S

A pleasure to deal with Simon who’s approach to selling cars is refreshing. I would definitely go back again.

Keith M

Hi, Simon done 1000miles in the little seat estate cracking car excellent service from yourself,considering bought blind just from your video can,t falt it. Thanks again would def come back.

Geoff B

After being abroad for a long time I was a little green to the car purchasing process . I searched my favourite AutoTrader whilst abroad and scrolled through dozens of used BMW's. I decided to wait until my return and limit the search to within 80 miles . I came across Transparency cars and a beautiful looking 5 series Tourer . I did as Simon suggested and watched his video , what a good idea ! Very black and white and back to basics good old fashioned car selling . The price was very near to what you would pay for a private sale. We turned up , we bought the 5 series Tourer and Simon had made it all so easy providing us with credit checks and paperwork that appertained to the vehicle . He even kindly got on his own phone and did the tax for us , we paid of course, but it made it so easy . We are very happy with the vehicle and I drove away with a big smile on my face. We are looking at a second purchase in the summer and will look at what Simon has for sale first .10/10 and thank you


Slight issue with vehicle after a few days but I took it into local dealer and Simon paid for repair with absolutely no fuss. Very straightforward and honest chap to deal with. He claims he says it as it is and he does. True to his word.

Steve P

Nice experience, car was as described, Simon was pleasant, open and applied no pressure. Happily recommended him to deal with if he has a car your interested in

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